Welcome to Gifts of the Heart; a group of volunteers based in Brantford Ontario dedicated to addressing the issues of food and clothing insecurity that faces young, school-age kids. With inflation and poverty on the rise in many communities, we know that those most impacted by systemic societal problems are often the most helpless to evade them; our kids.


Gifts of the Heart seeks to address some of these issues head-on by providing school lunches to kids who often are sent to school without full bellies, or a packed lunch to sustain them through the day. Since beginning in 2021, Gifts of the Heart has grown to providing 250 meals per day to elementary school students across seven different schools. We’re able to bring this aid to kids through financial gifts, generous food donations, a donated commercial kitchen space and volunteers willing to prepare meals, and volunteers happily willing to deliver meals from directly to the schools. In addition, Gifts of the Heart has connected with some families experiencing ongoing food insecurity and we’ve worked hard through the regular school year and summer vacation to provide them with weekly food bins or weekend bags of helpful pantry items, depending on what is most needed.


In addition to addressing food insecurity, clothing donations have been accepted to help connect kids with warm winter gear, and other needed seasonal items.

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